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4127065740 is a phone number that is located in Carnegie, Pennsylvania 15205. It is a land line number operated by Xo Pennsylvania, Inc..

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412-706-5740 At A Glance

Location:Carnegie, Pennsylvania 15205
Phone Carrier:Xo Pennsylvania, Inc.
Type of Phone Number:Land Line Phone Number
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Owner information for 412-706-5740 phone number

Sorry, but we were unable to find owner information for (412) 706-5740 in our records database. We are always updating our database with new data so we may have this data at a later date. If you need this data now you may want to visit one of our partners listed below. Note: These partners may charge a small fee to use their service.

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412-706-5740 Definition

Phone Number Area Code:412 (412 Area Code Wikipedia)
Phone Number Exchange:706
Phone Number Last Four:5740

Different Formats for 412-706-5740

Phone Number with Dashes:412-706-5740
Phone Number without Dashes:4127065740
Phone Number Common:(412) 706-5740
Phone Number with Spaces:412 706 5740
Phone Number with Dots:412.706.5740
Phone Number with Slash:412/706 5740
Phone Number with U.S. Country Code:+1-412-706-5740

Pronunciation for 4127065740 phone number

4"fawr, fohr" ("4" Definition from Dictionary.com)
1"wuhn" ("1" Definition from Dictionary.com)
2"too" ("2" Definition from Dictionary.com)
7"sev-uhn" ("7" Definition from Dictionary.com)
0"zeer-oh" ("0" Definition from Dictionary.com)
6"siks" ("6" Definition from Dictionary.com)
5"fahyv" ("5" Definition from Dictionary.com)
7"sev-uhn" ("7" Definition from Dictionary.com)
4"fawr, fohr" ("4" Definition from Dictionary.com)
0"zeer-oh" ("0" Definition from Dictionary.com)

Roman Numerals For Each Digit In 412-706-5740 Phone Number

0N (Non-standard Roman numeral used by St. Bede)
0N (Non-standard Roman numeral used by St. Bede)

How to block calls from (412) 706-5740?

  • Report phone number on our website (right side of page). We investigate the top phone numbers reported.
  • Submit the phone number to the Do Not Call List
  • Install a call blocker application on your smart phone. (Android or iPhone)
  • Call your phone provider (for landline phones).

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